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Radwick Financial Group LLC

"Building Financial Security the Right Way from the Bottom Up."

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Todd Radwick, DIA, President

 Office 509-996-3425

Cell 509-679-4814




For over 21 years now, Todd has specialized in helping people to plan for their future financial security. Philosophically, he differentiates himself from other advisors and financial planners by focusing on a strong base of Disability Income Protection, which is an area often only glazed over or overlooked entirely.


Radwick Financial Group LLC is a firm set apart because we protect our client’s principal and gains by working exclusively with Legal Reserve Insurance Corporations to provide guaranteed zero market losses. Yet, we are still able to offer double-digit returns that get locked-in annually, as well as lifetime income strategies that individual clients cannot outlive. We also place a big emphasis on tax-free retirement planning as well as all forms of life insurance.


Radwick Financial Group LLC is able to broker with all the major top carriers to help clients find the best, most appropriate plan with the most value. Additionally, we are also licensed in many states and are able to conduct about 95% of our business very efficiently via phone and web conferencing, saving clients a lot of valued time.



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